extraviat is a crossroad of different activities, where different mind-streams flow into one, a way to look at every-day activities from a different angle and an effort to take an holistic viewpoint. extraviat is the negative of a mind map.

extraviat – a bundle of ideas

all the projects converging into extraviat and springing from it have a self-standing reason to exist and artistic aspiration. the purpose of this website is to be a single repository, a meeting point and a fertile soil for those ideas to grow further.

This page went through an oneiric phase, and even if this phase is over and now thigs are proceeding with more momentum, they still are pretty fluid.

extraviat takes its name from the Catalan:


v. tr. [LC] Fer sortir del camí.
intr. pron. [LC] Perdre el camí. L’ovella s’ha extraviat.
intr. pron. [LC] Una cosa, perdre’s. Se li va extraviar el carnet d’identitat.
tr. [LC] Fer sortir del camí de la virtut.
intr. pron. [LC] Abandonar el camí de la virtut. Amb aquesta mala companyia t’extraviaràs.

and that’s pretty much all my Catalan. The choice comes from a passion for vocabularies, and shuffling through them, rather than for any other reason. And their smell.

What can you expect to find on this page?

On extraviat, and – in different shades – on all the profiles connected to it, there are photos, and quick thoughts somehow connected to them. The music, so often natural soundtrack to those pictures, and stimulation to those thoughts, will never in any way “belong” to me, but will be of others – of whom I will (most often) quote the names.

#travelanywhere is an already active hashtag, but not so much: it will be used and sporadically monitored as an extention of this website and a way to keep the conversation going.