This page went through an oneiric phase.

extraviat takes its name from the Catalan:


v. tr. [LC] Fer sortir del camí.
intr. pron. [LC] Perdre el camí. L’ovella s’ha extraviat.
intr. pron. [LC] Una cosa, perdre’s. Se li va extraviar el carnet d’identitat.
tr. [LC] Fer sortir del camí de la virtut.
intr. pron. [LC] Abandonar el camí de la virtut. Amb aquesta mala companyia t’extraviaràs.

and that’s pretty much all my Catalan. The choice comes from a passion for vocabularies, and shuffling through them, rather than for any other reason. And their smell.

#travelanywhere is an already active hashtag, but not so much: it will be used and sporadically monitored as an extention of this website and a way to keep the conversation going.